The Naked Truth…

“If  life could ever be so easy as we take it OR want it, why would we exist?” well… thats what i think! no hard feelings…

As this is practically my first blog i am just going to add in a bit of “me” first in my profile so that when you get back for my other posts (well… i don’t know if you will lolx) you know what are you in for…

So where was i? Yes, Life!

All these “Learn to Live” and “Recreate Yourself” classes, for me, are in for just one place… that is, dump yard! If you could practically LEARN living then what’s the point? I am not here to rectify your view about such absurd recreating programs but to show you just another way to think, and as a reader that’s a bit interesting for you. Isn’t it? ;)

We all think, understand and draw out our own possibilities about places, people, things etc. then why on earth we need a helping hand when it comes to carve our own selves…?

Now YOUR question is “What is life?”… but mine? Sorry! I don’t keep such things…lolx  If such a thing like life could be defined all problems would have had been solved.  Life, in the end, is obviously what you make of it. Its not “What?” but, “When?”. We live each second, likewise breathing. We often confuse ourselves in thinking rather than deciding. Its all that we need to learn.

We come down on the mother earth for some motive (that’s what some of the readers may say!) and I too agree, but the mess we create is when we start to dig into something that never existed. The MOTIVE is not in discovering but, inventing! YOU choose what to do. You DECIDE. God never enslaved you to his bounty. He created you with utter love and passion and puffed in some short breaths so that you can live, enjoy and discover the beauty of his creations. Then why waste time?

We fall in love, we fall heartbroken. We promise not to do this again. And the next day we meet another Prince/Princess Charming/Gorgeous. Lolx I mean… that’s just INSANE! Hey, all those Cupid lovers, if you look outside the window of your imaginary dreamland you’ll find what you have lost.

Let me explain…

Sit near that window yet another time, bus this time think of all those people you had in your life and not you mr./miss perfect. It may be your family, friends or co-workers or even your boss for that matter. There will be a list of minimum 1000 people if you start penning them down. So now, out of 1000 lets say 800 kept you in their good book (wow! You are loved lolx). How many of them are you in still contact with? How many of those are the ones you can still call up at the middle of the night and yell at? How many of those are still one of those “pick you up at 7am tomorrow” types?  think… think… maybe emmm… 100? Or less?? (800 good books and 100 cherished? What a waste!)

Now just take your cell and dial a random number. Let them know that you still remember then. Apologies! And trust me, you would never have had felt any better! Come on! Still reading? GO… this post isn’t going to run anywhere but your time is…

My point is:

“Why do we waste the love we treasure, at that ONE man/woman, why don’t we acknowledge what we get from a million!”

The only asset that we carry on our shoulders is our own self dignity and the only liability? the tears and heartaches you left behind. So for a change lets resolve to love all and hate none. to miss all and forget none. to befriend all and with-hold none. :) if “hate” is a word of  your dictionary, its high time you buy a new one! The sooner you realize what you have lost at, the better you recover!

Have  a nice life ahead!


9 thoughts on “The Naked Truth…

  1. ^RoOhAnI^ says:

    This was simply fabulous! Your thoughts always make people think, and question their own viewpoints. Considering this is your first post, your article totally deserves an applause!
    Looking forward to more from my dear “maate” :P

    PS : We both have the same blog theme! :D

  2. gunika says:

    awesome work..
    left me thinking…!!

  3. Tulika says:

    thnx a load gunika! :D

  4. sheetal says:

    hey!!!! itz awesummmm!!!
    i jst lvd it!!!:-)

  5. Jay says:

    That was quite stimulating, i’ve been thinking on the same lines. Of motives, but u have given it a totally different dimension….
    “Now just take your cell and dial a random number. Let them know that you still remember then. Apologies! And trust me, you would never have had felt any better! Come on! Still reading? GO… this post isn’t going to run anywhere but your time is…”
    This part actually brings out a smile…….nice post…..^m^

  6. Tulika says:

    thanks a ton dude… :) i am glad you liked the new projection!

  7. zoo says:

    stumbled upon this while i was reading through a comic and just realized that ‘your point’ written is my point in thought!! glad to see someone share the same sentiments..

    cheers!! happy writing!

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