A Lesson To Learn.

Noticing that this is infact one of my recent posts as i have been unavailable for a long time, i choose something i faced all through this time! A Dilemma…

We all see the sun go down and rise up again and something quiet similar happens to you when you think that all is rising up for you and suddenly it all shatters down like it was never meant to be “there”!! Fighting with my own wits and wills i’ve realized that one can never “win” but shall forever “grow”. And maybe that is what i really need to figure out!! As january crept by silently, un-noticed i realized i was over something that is considered as the most threatening of all situations, a break-up!! And now i knew what it was to fall in love.. Afterall love is a place where you need to fall, in order to rise!! So i did the same… I grew out of it cementing the feelings that once existed for someone who meant more than my “world” to me… I was once the one to ignore some of the most important people of my life (i shall not list but they are my bestiest buddies ever!! And as nothing is permanent, Alas! They broke up too *tears flow*) It was February now, (one of my best buddie’s b’day happens to land up here) lolx. Hope now they know whom i am pointing at :P haha!! If not comfortable i was pretty much certain that my so called short term fantasy had finally come to an end!! Sipping up my dried tears i now knew it was time to move on, but actually, this isn’t easy!!

After this sad ending i was woken up to a much more bizarre dream… I suddenly realized that i wasn’t in a phase of life where i could afford to dream!! I had my 12th standard boards ahead me and i was still busy with my “he loves me, he loves me not”… As i plucked the last petal of my worn-out heart (which obviously was now forcibly “he loves me not”) i plunged back to my books… It was then i realized how even bad things teach you in life about patience, it seldom tells us “wait! something good lies behind me…” and there i was, a T-Junction… Both roads lead me the same direction and none was easy… Life is so well planned at times!! I had to choose, leave behind the broken pieces that laid within me, dormant and lifeless.. Or to stick back to them, hopeful and forever praying..!! And you may now say, “Hey gal, those are two different pathways my dear!!” but to that i already have an answer… Both WERE different, but what they would give me in the end was same, a broken and bleeding inner self :(.. Okay, life isn’t ALWAYS well planned!! Some people (like me) have the capacity to ruin it up to the last inch!! *hopeless sighs* But then i still have something to thank “him” for… :) for being there till the end and for the fact that he did tell me that we were much better off as friends!! I now know he was never wrong!! muhan!!

This went on until someone reminded me “Time heals!”. Thanks to him :) … But by now it was already June!! My birthday passed away killing me short by another year (note: i was the pessimist then!!)  It was now certain to me that nothing had gone the way it should have!! Neither my love nor my fate was even halfway the benchmark i had set some time ago, confident, noting could cross my way!! Huh!! Well no comments on that :( I got a pathetic 87% in boards and a 100% at “Not to love”… I had held everyone’s head in the light of shame, and no one said a word :( guess there conscious consumed them!! At times like these you feel a good abuse would have made you feel a lot better..!! And now when i looked back i knew where i was wrong..!! People are right when they say “You are small” maybe somethings are really not made for some people at a point of time!!

It all comes down to a good ending. And if i respect SRK for one things its got to be his dialogue in the movie – Om Shanti Om, “Agar story ka happy ending na ho, to picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!” … (lol i am bad at remembering dialogues so please consider if i went a bit wacky with the words!! ) NOW when i look back i know i am stronger than yesterday, and shall continue to rise till i don’t fall back!! If there are few things I am surely certain about it has to include one big thing… The best you can do to yourself and the one you love is, retain your friendship… its priceless and at times, worth it!! I shall not rush into anyone else and i don’t even see myself hooking up for quiet a long time from now! Its all because i finally know there are few things which are more important than kissing, hugging, crying and cuddling… they are loving, understanding and letting free!! I still love him no doubts about that, and maybe the feelings in me will never change but there is a slight difference now!!

I am not going to fall again, just for the sake of rising!!


20 thoughts on “A Lesson To Learn.

  1. Sudhaamsh says:

    AWESOME POsT :) u vented out my feelings too..thanks a lot! Each day u look back…but move forward as a stronger person..be curious in life..and keep moving forward. Besides if things r meant to be they will come into ur lap. Reconnecting the dots

  2. ^RoOhAnI^ says:

    And you’ll rise higher than ever!
    Beautifully written, I could relate to a lot of things whcih went wrong in my own life by this post. And btw, I think that “best buddy” of yours would like to give u a huge big hug for mentioning her ;)
    You’re AWESOME, I’m proud to have a friend (or shall I say sister) like you :D

    • i HAD to mention my “bestest buddies”: re… i mean thats something which i place, i guess, in my top most priorities now :) you guyz make me complete!! and as you my sister… :) i know certain things can never go wrong :) missing yaa!!
      love uuuu…

  3. Sudhaamsh says:

    :) brings back good old memories

  4. Sudhaamsh says:

    :) hug

  5. vasu says:

    Good work tulika… i find some grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes too… :P nver mind
    may b pple have read it… espesially him!! but whr am i?

    • hey list in the mistakes… i’ll correct them :) thats what you guys are here for :D

      and yaa he hasn’t so don’t worry…he’ll never know anything of all that happened :) i want him happy!! and you?? you are everywhere…YOU made me write this :) love you!!
      “This went on until someone reminded me “Time heals!”. Thanks to him :)”… muhaan!!

  6. vasu says:

    love u ???? r u trying to propose me???

  7. vasu says:

    lol… i m-a-joking!!! hehehehe :P

  8. vasu says:

    aacha mujhe nai pata tha…. Ms.Serious!!

  9. ankit says:

    nice one…i lyk it

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