Reflecting Upon Time

“The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.” and I kept the last edition of Harry Potter titled The Deathly Hallows aside after giving it a full-attention read almost the 5th time now, and if today you ask me to read it just once again… well, huh, bad option! Time changes and so do our situations. We seldom realize what we have lost long after the reigns have left our hands and have conveniently slipped away to distances a man can never cover or mend… The broken bonds between two people, their thoughts, their actions and their priorities create deep and hidden cracks just beneath the thin surface of their long dragged relation! They shall now be driven away… they shall now lead their own ways!

Everyday we pass out by is a sign of existence that reminds us, and not others, of our own presence! We go on walking on the narrow bridge of life, letting fall everything that is of no use to us today. We discard people like a tree pulling off its withered leaves and letting them fall on the barren land, dormant and isolated! Its a strange feeling you know, to be in a crowd, all alone! Ever witnessed it? It scares some and to some its a way of mental peace. Some find solitude in the individuality of been plucked off from someone’s life and to some its like an imprisonment, holding on to them like the clutches of death…!

We live in a place of complete absence, an absence of values, an absence of emotions, an absence of love and, an absence of existence! To us, the importance of life is greater than the lord, the importance of tomorrow is greater than today, the importance of fragrance is greater than the flower… in precise, the importance of taker is greater than the giver! He who does not regard what he/she has shall never be able to regard himself… The greed drives him today and not humility…!! Ashamed I bow my head! The man today forgets that he shall have to reflect upon his time one day and give back to the lord what he has taken so shamefully, a man made of not flesh, but sin… Without a sign of disgrace, he stands still!!

Time will never stop and you shall plow what you have sowed. The seeds are to be chosen wisely, far away from greed, want and sanity… Reflect upon your time and see all that you have wasted people, emotions, love, care and devotion. Value what is not needed as a thing as unimportant as that was once or will be at one point of time, the most precious of all… Life is all about how you live in sync with all that you have been blessed with and not about living by choice. Survival/Existence and Living are terms coined by man as nearest neighbors i.e. synonyms but to a fact they differ from one another just like how love differs form lust! When man would know how to conquer lust with love in order to live rather than survive, it will be then when his existence would pay the price and bring to him the footsteps of heaven with all the blessings, bread and wine!

But till that does not happen we shall keep reflecting back at our time, counting all the ills committed and altering all that lies in the hands of man!! We all need to do this fast, we all need to do this together… Lets hold on the reigns tighter than ever, let the past not fall on us yet once again, but, shall rise from the darkness of the evil below and mend the crack of our long dragged relations and bring to it the pious drink of mortality that pours down endlessly from the brink of heaven.



8 thoughts on “Reflecting Upon Time

  1. ^RoOhAnI^ says:

    Hats off to you! The depth of your thoughts has always amazed me, loved this post! May the glory be with you, amen :)

  2. Sudhaamsh says:

    Woah..well u captured my thoughts here as well…but guess being empty sometimes brings out a lot of philosophical things eh? but try to look more into the positive depths on the human mind next, flesh, lol sorta satanic! but nice one :) bit bouncer toh..sorta seemed complicated..emotions tied into bundles of knots

  3. Sheetal says:

    Hey…nice post…lvd it..its alwayz been my pleasure to hear ur thots(tho i cnt read it myself..kya krun edward ni hun na) its like everytime u add smthing to my lil knowledge..alwayz edit my thots n em alwayz forced to thnk bout it..js lvd dis 1..keep roking..mwuaah!

    • aww cutie… Loved you comment!! your worth spending time with as you are simply on oof the best listeners… thanks mahn!! I really couldn’t do half of what i do now, without you!! like loosing weight lolx
      Bless you sweetheart!

  4. sheetal says:

    holy crap!..i typd d whole cmnt again coz i thot its nt posted..dang…n thnx 4 praising coz i rarely get to hear…thnx 4 everything gal…lv u!.<3

    • aww hehehe… you don’t need to thank me lmao… Its a natural instinct you see :P opposites do attract… physics remember ( hah!! “I” just said this…feeling like god lmao) so a genius like me is off-course on your favor :P

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