My Tears Wish Me Good Night…! (Revised)

As I pull the strings the pages fall,

I see my past unfold.

The broken pieces burn within,

and to love I shut my door…

I keep inside my broken self,

faking yet another smile.

Hiding the ashes of the burnt,

for yet another while…

The love I shared hasn’t paid it’s price,

and its all going in vain!

The loneliness that haunts within,

now drives me insane!

As i tread my way long back in time,

My heart rages my mind!

For the love I saw then in your eyes,

is now what I fail to find…

The hollowness is what I feel,

now peels away my breath.

I would dust away my trodden heart,

if life could gift me death…

I sink beneath the endless sea,

where hope shines no more.

Stranded by love now I decay,

as you pass through that door…

I cry. I bleed. For it’s hard to believe,

that we could ever be torn apart.

But as luck betray the traitor was,

my own love from the start…

You cursed my soul with your binding love,

from which now I fail to break free.

In pain I wince, I loathe, I shed,

like the silence of the sea…

Tomorrow, they say, is a golden book,

for me, a dark and empty town.

You shine like fireworks over the front,

where my starlight seems to drown…

On every page that slipped the string,

I see your name embed.

Your name, your love, is what ends my life,

it’s a story of regret!

From the brinks of heaven spills my blood,

for now i seize to breath.

Dipped in hate is the story of us,

Pessimism – my holy creed!

I am sinking in glum as I think of you,

my heart persists to bleed.

It’s what I am without you,

still unborn, a deserted seed…

What went so wrong with the love we shared?

Could there be no other way?

Questioning the silence of the night,

I shall pass another day…

I’m sick of it and I’ve had enough,

with self all I do is fight.

So, I rest my heart, release my soul,

and my tears wish me Good Night…!


7 thoughts on “My Tears Wish Me Good Night…! (Revised)

  1. shruti dabas says:

    i like it… who is it for? you are a beautiful person, dont let anybody pull you down, i have been through many heartbreaks and now i am bulletproof. love yourself and respect yourself more than somebody else. cause you are gona earn for yourself and live by your tears and scars if that happens. i don’t wana see you write any such thing again.. :*

    • Not for someone specific… :) just a flow of though! Thanks a lot for appreciating… I’ll try writing something different next time! Its always beautiful to be able to make people smile… :) :*

  2. Purvi says:

    Came across your blog via a friend’s remark at your fb wall. Quite a lot of connectivity I do see here. Do drop in at my blog too, am sure, you’ll find relevance in my words and works too. :)

    I am at ~

  3. mbwilliams says:

    ‘faking yet another smile.

    Hiding the ashes of the burnt,

    for yet another while…’

    You have a lovely turn of phrase Tulika

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