Wings Of Steel!

Ever wished for a Heaven on earth? Ever wanted to be in between the birds, the flowing breeze, the endless horizon and, the ever reachable sun? It’s a desire we all cradle with, penning it down in our “Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die”, a wish to grow wings. Well, only if you promise me to purse your lips I have a secret to share with you… shush! I just fulfilled mine! *wink* If not in the very same way you imagined, but… somewhat close! How? If I were you, I would keep reading…

Walking in the Indian Airforce Base Camp you get this feeling of pride, honor, respect, dignity and also, grief! As we walked on I kept wondering as to what would the warrior’s heart be into when he could see his fall, his pain, his loss and most of all, his death at his very footstep? The uncertainty, above all, is haunting! We tread our way eyeing various beasts of the winds which stood with all valor and pride, facing the sky, staring at the sun, right in his eyes! They flaunted all the hidden wounds they had gathered in all these years of war! I double up in sheer respect! Never felt this Indian before, miraculous! After admiring and walking for quite a while I heard a voice. I turned around in it’s direction and saw my father in his Army uniform (a sigh in awe escaped my lips) staring at me blankly “Where do you think you are going? Come back… our plane is this side!”. I completely forgot I wasn’t alone. Laughing at myself I walked towards the route he pointed out. They spoke of how each man pampered his flying beauty, how he would, like a mother, feel what it felt! It did not take long but by the time I could bring my senses back we were at the plane!

It was a Jaguar – A fighter’s friend! The officer gave us a brief overview of how was the jet enabled. The beauty of it was so mesmerizing! I had seen it glide in the sky a thousand times maybe but for the first time had I touched its glory! I beamed with all possible pride! And before I could realize I was asked to climb in. I froze! I was so busy in wondering their fate and plight that I almost forgot what we were here for! I was supposed to attend a training session! How will I match my courage with that of a solider? But, could I miss this opportunity? Not in this lifetime atleast…

So, at the hands of curiosity, respect, greed and some fear I climbed up the stairs, and trust me when I say it’s a lot huger than you think it is! I could skydive! As I sank in the seat accommodating my mind, body and soul I could see the change; we were no more two separate bodies, but, we were now one! A trainer’s model, to my relief, has space for two! Right in my front climbed the officer and passed on to me the head and hand gear! It was then that I realized I was wearing a lot of other things which, if you ask me, I couldn’t remember WHEN I took up! (feels eerie) My heart raced and for the first time in life I felt “fear”. Until then I thought the greatest fear was Open House! Guess I did discover the true meaning…

Next all I could register was someone counting till three and then, the engine roared! It was nothing like anything I had heard before! My stomach whined and so did my ears, my heart kept its pace matched with the roaring engine, and air lost its way to my lungs! My eyes were shut for I was scared beyond death, but I could feel the pressure build. And soon I knew it was time… I slowly, rather, delicately opened my eyes to a world rare have seen. All I could see was the birds, the flowing breeze, the endless horizon and, the ever reachable sun. Meaning was brought to life, and its value was realized. The officer showed me land and river, and told me beautiful it will get. As his words came to an end the clouds flushed open, and what I saw is what I am sure made visionaries say “Heaven or Hell, it’s all on this very Earth” I saw greens and browns and blues! It was like a painting, almost real… It reminded me of Lui Dao, the Chinese artist who could paint the reality better than original. And this, justified it the best! Before anyone could realize (and it probably includes just me) we were about to return to the world of trivial realities.

What would a man in those plush cars driving down on those bustling streets define speed? Ask the air-bender if you have the nerve to face the truth!


3 thoughts on “Wings Of Steel!

  1. Sheetal says:

    I hv no wrds..seriously its jst awesm …nd u r lucky to hv experiencd dt :)
    Nd u r writing..well ..wt cn I say..i m a big fan.

  2. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

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