The Loud Silence…!

I might have walked a thousand miles,

holding my mother’s hand.

But that night i saw her grip,

slipping like the sand…

My hands were numb and heart was cold,

i didn’t know what to do.

Your hand had slipped, my tears were swept,

it felt as if i were doomed!

I stood up high and saw the sky,

Ah! it was so big.

I had lost something which i valued most,

and I began to sink.

I turned around and saw the world,

and started getting thick.

It felt as if i were tied in chains,

which was driving me sick.


i heard a voice.

Oh! it was HIM.

The Lord, The God…. The Grim!

Why? Why? Why? Why only me?

when did i disobey?

and much more was rushing in my mind,

all that i wished to say.

But to a shock i remained still,

and he just smiled away.

I stood there confused with my thoughts,

what made him do this way?

Today i stand here again,

thinking the same old way.

Could he have heard without the words,

what i wanted to say?

Or maybe, just maybe,

silence did speak louder than words,

that day…


tulika singh (16th July, 2008, 4:30pm)